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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the necessary documents to download for an Erasmus trip?

Do I need a visa to join Erasmus?


How do I complete my Learning Agreement?

Can I participate in an Erasmus program together with my friend?

Yes, you can.

What documents do I have to submit after returning from the Erasmus program?

Confirmation of stay signed by the partner university Learning Agreement, Transcript of Records.

Why can’t I go to Erasmus during my final semester?

You can, but conditionally, with the consent of the Vice-dean.

Who signs my Erasmus mobility documents?

Faculty Coordinator, partner university.

What is the required level of a foreign language competency?


What are the rules of Erasmus recruitment?

The rules are available on the website: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/erasmus

What certificates are accepted for an Erasmus + mobility?

Certificates confirming knowledge of English at the B2 level.

To which countries outside the EU can you go within the Erasmus program?

The program covers only EU countries.

Where can I go for an Erasmus internship? For how long?

You can go to institutions, companies or universities for an internship. The trip should be related to your field of study. The recommended period of internship mobility is 2-3 months.

How many times can I participate in the Erasmus mobility program?

The mobility capital at each level of studies is 12 months, which can be divided into several trips.

What is the amount of the grant for Erasmus mobility program?

The amount of the grant varies depending on whether it is a study trip or internship, and on the country of destination. The current rates are available on our website.

What are the deadlines for submitting Erasmus + mobility applications?

Recruitment takes place twice a year. Dates will be announced.

What are our Erasmus+ partner universities?

We have over 40 bilateral agreements. List of partner universities: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/erasmus/partner-universities

How to apply for Erasmus?

Please, find detailed information about Erasmus here – https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/erasmus or, alternatively, you may visit room 123.

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