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Frequently Asked Questions

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Foreign student affairs

I don’t have a medical certificate, can I do that at the university?

Yes,  if you do not have a medical certificate, you may get it from our University doctor (the cost is 60 PLN).

What is a medical certificate?

It is a certificate from your doctor stating that you don’t have any restrictions to conducting your studies.

I need to submit my original documents. Where do I need to go?

After arrival, you have 2 days to submit your original documents to the Recruitment office, room 28.

I need help with applying for a Residence Card. Can anyone help me?

Yes, you may come to room 307. They can help you with documents.

I am a newlyenrolled student, but I need student confirmation for a residence card. Where should I get it?

You can receive it from the Dean’s office – room 108.

Where can I take the student ID card?

You can take it from the reception desk, or at the Dean’s office.

Can someone help to show me around Warsaw?

Yes, we have a Mentoring programme,  so, you can apply and get assigned a Mentor, at the following e-mail address . https://vistula.broaddy.com/register/international

I am a new student coming from abroad. I need someone to pick me up from the airport.

You can apply for the Mentoring programme, and you will be assigned a person who will help you get comfortable in Poland. You can apply here: https://vistula.broaddy.com/register/international

The Dean’s office is not answering me. What should I do?

Please note, that the Dean’s office receives lots of e-mails, and it takes time to answer them.

Can I meet with the financial department, and talk with them about a refund?

Unfortunately, the only way to contact them is through e-mail, refund@vistula.edu.pl

With whom, can I talk about a refund?

You may contact: refund@vistula.edu.pl

I was crossed out of the list of existing students. Can I apply for re-admission to the University?

The student who is crossed out of the list of existing students may apply for re-admission to the University – after paying all overdue fees. Then, the student should pay both the registration fee and proper tuition fee.

I was admitted to the Autumn semester, but can I defer my studies till the Spring semester?

Yes, you may re-submit the application, by yourself, for the Spring semester. Also, inform us at: admission2@vistula.edu.pl.

I don’t want to study anymore. What should I do?

You should submit a petition to the Dean that you are resigning from your studies, through USOS. 

I want access to my schedule.

Firstly, arrive in  Poland. Then, come to room 28, and submit your original documents. After that, you will get access to Platon and Usos.

I want accommodation, where can I book it? Do you have a dormitory?

In order to find out full information about accommodation, please, contact with accommodation@vistula.edu.pl. Vistula offers private dormitories, as well as our own dormitory. The cost is 210 euros (for one month).

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