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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I join the library?

To become a member of the library, you must complete an application form (available at the library), pay a one-off fee (its amount is defined under the Library Director Order), and present a valid student ID. The data contained in the application form are verified on the basis of a valid student ID and passport / ID. It is impossible to register only on the basis of a student ID or an ID card.

How many books can I borrow?

Readers may have a maximum of 4 borrowed publications.

Can I photocopy or scan parts of books?

Pursuant to the copyright law in force, the Reader may order a photocopy or scan of library publications for personal use.

Does the library offer publications recommended by lecturers and in what form, i.e. paper and/ or electronic?

The library collects paper and/or electronic versions of publications listed in the syllabi of courses taught at the University. We take special care to acquire both basic and supplementary literature. Electronic literature is available in subscribed full-text databases.

What full-text databases do we offer and how to log into them outside the University campus?

At the University, all full-text databases offered by the library are available without logging in. Outside the University, students can access: Ibuk Libra (books in Polish), Ebrary (books in English) and ProQuest (magazines mainly in English). Login data can be obtained by e-mail biblioteka@vistula.edu.pl.

How to use the catalog of printed books and fill in a slip for the librarian?

The use of the printed books catalog is intuitive and it is explained in the library training. The catalog is available on the University’s website in the “library” tab. The library slip must contain the name of the author and the title of the book as well as the reference numbers (signatures) of copies available for borrowing.

What publications can I borrow and which can only be used in the reading room?

The library’s book collection is divided into the part available for borrowing and the part available only on site in the reading room. Positions that can be used only on site are specially marked in the catalog.

What is library training?

Library training provides students with the basic knowledge about the functioning of the scientific library of the Vistula Group of Universities. Students get acquainted with materials available on the Platon platform and then pass an exam in order to obtain a credit for the training.

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