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Physical Education and Sport


Summer semester 2023/24

I. In the 2023/24 academic year, physical education classes are mandatory for students of the first year of full-time Bachelor’s studies at the Vistula School of Hospitality. Students of the Vistula Group of Universities who did not complete these classes on time can participate in them, as well.

II. Passing options

  1. Physical education classes at the University
  • Classes are held once a week in the sports hall and gym of the Vistula Group of Universities, at Stokłosy St. 3.
  • Classes in the summer semester 2023/24 start on March 4tt, 2024.
  • Students should register directly for selected classes – the class schedule is posted near the sports hall (registration order is decisive).
  • Online registration for physical education classes is not possible.

    2. Trainings of sports sections of the AZS Vistula University Club
  • This option is available for students who present an appropriate level in a selected sport.
  • Information about training days and times is posted on the board next to the sports hall.
  • Students should report directly to section coaches.

     3. Passing PE outside the university

The condition for such a pass is to obtain the consent of the director of the PE and Sports Department after the student’s personal application – within the following deadlines:

  • Monday, March 4, 2024, at 13:20-14:20, room 64 next to the sports hall,
  • Friday, March 8, 2024, at 12:45-13:45, room 65 next to the sports hall.

    4. The Director of the PE and Sports Department may exempt from physical education classes students who demonstrate a high sports level – the level is confirmed by March 25, 2024, on Mondays, at 13:20-14:20

III. Long-term sick leave (semester or yearly)

  • Students with such exemptions are obliged to pass physical education classes by participating in classes conducted in a different form.
  • Exemptions must be delivered to the instructor during the first class.
  • Classes are held on Fridays, 10:50-12:45, room 65 next to the sports hall.
  • The first classes will take place on March 22, 2024.
  • The presenter is Aleksandra Waleszkiewicz, MA
    e-mail: a.waleszkiewicz@vistula.edu.pl
    office hours: Fridays, 12:45-13:45 room 65 next to the sports hall


  • Jerzy Szyszko, M.A., director of the PE and Sport Center – Mondays, 13:20-14:20, room 64, next to the sports hall,
  • Aleksandra Waleszkiewicz, M.A. – Fridays, 12:45-13:45 room 65 next to the sports hall.


  1. VOLLEYBALL (women) – Tuesdays, 20:30-22:25, Thursdays, 12:00-13:55
  2. BADMINTON (women and men) – Tuesdays, 15:50-17:45
  3. BASKETBALL (men) – Tuesdays, 19:00-20:30, Thursdays, 20:55-22:50

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