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Reliability of scientific research

The integrity and ethics of scientific research in the Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly the Warsaw School of Tourism and Recreation) serves to improve both the quality of education and the level of scientific research, as well as the implementation of ethical, organisational, and legal recommendations contained in the documents of the European Union, as well as models developed in the leading European academic centres. These indications include principles and requirements for scientists, such as:

  • freedom of scientific research;
  • ethical patterns specific to individual disciplines, as well as institutional, national, etc.;
  • professional responsibility, professional approach, knowledge of contractual obligations or regulations;
  • responsibility – including financial;
  • principles of good practice in scientific research – related to safe methods of performing work, compliance with data protection and confidentiality requirements, and ensuring that research results are disseminated and used;
  • social involvement;
  • concern for the tutors about their charges;
  • the highest standards in the field of supervision and management responsibilities, which should be fulfilled “in accordance with the highest professional standards”;
  • continuing professional development by updating and broadening the scope of skills and qualifications.

The following documents form the basis for all staff and authorities, establish principles of responsible behaviour in the work environment, and encourage the perception of each other as professionals. These documents also define numerous rules and requirements for labour and research funding organisations, such as:

  • the broadly understood principle of non-discrimination;
  • stimulating research and providing conditions for them;
  • stabilisation and permanent employment;
  • fair and attractive remuneration;
  • creating a strategy conducive to the career development of employees;
  • recognition of the value of mobility;
  • providing access to training, the protection of intellectual property rights, scientific supervision over younger scientists, comprehensive employee evaluation system;
  • definition of appropriate complaint and appeal procedures, and impact on decision-making bodies;
  • clear definition of standards for the admission of researchers to work.

Guided by the accepted rules, the staff of the Vistula School of Hospitality take care of the good image of the School, and try to implement its mission. They show loyalty to the School, adhering to the discipline of employees, helping democratically selected authorities, and helping to build the prestige of the Institution.

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